Infusing authentic architecture into a time-honored bath tradition, embracing a modern approach that bridges thousands of years... Experience both physical and spiritual rejuvenation as the scrub foam invigorates, and luxuriate in the sensation of health coursing through your joints as you recline on the belly stone. Tailoring special presentations to cater to diverse tastes, bridal bath organizations offer a personalized touch upon request. Detailed explanations about SPA can be found by clicking here.

Thermal SPA Center

Qualitasspa İzmir Agamemnon Thermal & Wellness Center provides a range of services and facilities for guests visiting the city from around the world, whether for business, leisure, or health purposes.

Our goal is to ensure that guests make the most of our services and facilities every day of the year. With a team of professional experts, sports trainers, and skilled staff, we strive to offer an exceptional experience. Our staff undergoes on-the-job and vocational training to uphold and guarantee the continuity of service quality at a five-star standard.

  • 2200 squarw meters of area
  • Unisex and Women's Only Steam Room
  • Turkish Bath, Sauna and Snow Fountain
  • Private Recreation Area
  • Outdoor Pool, Kiddy Pool (Summer Season)
  • Thermal Pool and Jacuzzi
  • Fitness Center
  • Skin Care Rooms
  • Massage Rooms
  • VIP Suite (Massage Room, Turkish Bath, Sauna and Jacuzzi)
  • Pilates Studio
  • Unisex Hairdresser

Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath, adorned with exquisite tiles, provides an atmosphere for indulging in the traditional bath experience within the utmost hygienic conditions. Relax and alleviate stress with scrub-foam treatments or Ottoman massages.

Turkish bath can be allocated for certain hours for bridal baths, groups, and special organizations. Optionally, indulge in a lavish snack buffet and other services available during traditional Turkish bath entertainment.


Thermal Pool

The mineral-rich healing thermal water, with a natural temperature ranging between 45°C and 140°C and a pH value of 6.4, is designed to alleviate stress.

Areas Where Thermal Water Benefits

  • Waist - Neck Hernia and Pain
  • Calcifications
  • Inflammatory Joint Diseases (Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Ankylosing, Spondylitis, etc.)
  • Liver - Gallbladder Diseases
  • Circulatory and Heart Diseases
  • Nervous System Diseases
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Childhood Rheumatisms
  • Muscle Rheumatisms
  • Healthy Weight Loss Programs with Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation

Fitness Center

Choose our fitness center and studio sessions for a healthy life.

  • A well-equipped and dedicated area for sports.
  • Members can enjoy the exclusive benefits of personalized health and sports consultancy through individually tailored programs we offer.
  • Our professional trainers offer personalized programmes based on body mass index data and physical condition, gathered through initial interviews and measurements with our members. A sports program, complemented by nutritional recommendations, assists individuals in achieving their target fitness goals in a healthy manner. Regularly monitored measurements of fat, muscle, and bone guarantee vigilant control over physical development.
  • Join any studio session, play table tennis, or engage in stretching exercises outside of session hours.

Massage and Care Alternatives

Qualitasspa İzmir Agamemnon Thermal & Wellness Center provides guests with a variety of aromatherapy massage options. Optional enhancements include aromatic essential oils, and enriching massages performed with warm pure olive oil.

Detailed massage and care alternatives can be accessed by clicking here.

Sauna and Steam Rooms

Relax your body and mind in the sauna, where the heat facilitates the purification of all your cells from toxins. Discover the tranquility you seek in saunas and steam rooms, featuring elevated hygiene and comfort standards, and indulge in the exclusive world of Qualitasspa Izmir Agamemnon Thermal & Wellness Center.


Outdoor – Indoor Pool

We provide ideal opportunities for guests seeking year-round enjoyment of the pool. Our indoor pool, maintained to high hygiene standards, maintains a comfortable temperature ranging between 26 to 28 degrees. During the summer months, our outdoor pool offers guests a serene and peaceful atmosphere, allowing them to bask in the sun and enjoy fresh air, away from the city's hustle and bustle. We also provide indoor and outdoor kiddy pool options for our young guests to enjoy.