Wedding and Banquet

Wishing to create lasting memories as a bride and groom that will be cherished for years to come? Imagine the joy of having hundreds of people fondly reminisce about a dinner event you organized, even years later. Our commitment is to achieve absolute satisfaction by meticulously attending to every detail and consistently striving to exceed your expectations. Guided by excellence, beyond expectations…

We Make Each Moment Perfect For You…

Special Organizations

We provide the perfection you seek for the most special day of your life. Together, we chart the course towards a lifetime of happiness. Design, food selection, exquisite flavors, a professional team, music, and much more are curated for you with special originality and perfection. The sparkle of your character and elegance radiates throughout the entire organization...



  • Internet connection
  • Indoor and outdoor parking lots (free)
  • Hall reservations of the same capacity for open venue reservations
  • Large foyer area with natural light
  • Menu-tasting dinner
  • Customizable menu alternatives
  • Coordination meeting before the wedding
  • Organization official accompaniment
  • Standard hall decoration, dance floor, and stage
  • Show cake options
  • Offering sparkling wine during the cake-cutting
  • Preparation room allocation
  • Honeymoon room allocation with special decoration and sea view
  • Lounges with daylight, gardens and terraces, grass garden, and outdoor pool event area*

Honeymoon Package…

  • Overnight stay on the wedding night in a specially decorated sea-view room
  • Continental breakfast served in the room, accompanied by sparkling wine, fresh fruit, snacks, and slices of cake

As You Bid Farewell to the Bachelor Days...

Before the big day, we provide the opportunity to organize either a bachelorette party or a traditional bridal bath, based on your preferences. The wedding package at Qualitasspa İzmir Agamemnon Thermal & Wellness Center includes alternative massages, beauty treatments, and care services for both the bride and groom, showcasing a range of service alternatives.