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To be a reliable, efficient, and innovative company that adopts a guest-oriented service approach.


Guest Satisfaction Policy

Food Safety Policy

Environmental Management Mission

Every individual and organization within society bears the responsibility for environmental protection. At "Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek," we strive for impeccable environmental performance by actively managing and mitigating the environmental impact of our activities and services, aligning with our environmental policy and objectives. We pursue this objective in three dimensions. The first of these is waste management, the second is legal requirements, and the third is the use of natural resources and the development of projects that provide environmental benefits. Waste management practices essentially comprise two main components. The initial component involves the separate collection of packaging waste (paper, metal, glass, plastic), its temporary storage, and subsequent recycling by licensed companies. The second part involves what we refer to as hazardous waste, which necessitates separate collection distinct from packaging waste.

This involves the separation of hazardous wastes at the source, distinct from packaging wastes, temporary storage, and their delivery, with detailed records maintained. These materials are then handed over to licensed companies for proper disposal. Uncontrolled collection of these hazardous wastes leads to air, water, and soil pollution.

Environmental Management System

"Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek" has implemented an environmental management system that encompasses all its units. Within this system, environmental officers assigned to each unit collaborate with experts from environmental consultancy companies licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Internal audit reports, mandated to be conducted annually by legislation, are diligently prepared on a monthly basis. The internal audit reports are assessed on a monthly basis during environmental coordination meetings held at the head office. Any system renewal or deficiency elimination is promptly addressed. During these meetings, potential changes in legislation are identified, and preemptive measures are taken before they come into effect.

"Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek" ensures that waste generated at every step is systematically classified and either recycled /recovered, or disposed of in compliance with relevant legislation. Through comprehensive training provided to employees in each of our units, waste management is executed with precision, achieving a zero-error approach. Throughout this process, a thorough understanding of the economics of waste management has been acquired. Substantial knowledge has been attained in the field of waste logistics.

Both "Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek" and its suppliers adhere to legislation following our environmental management system. All companies that we work with in the waste management area are only able to work with us after getting the necessary approvals.

Hazardous wastes identified in Article 5 and generated within our facility are appropriately stored in our designated hazardous waste storage area, adhering to regulations, and disposed of promptly.

Hazardous Wastes

Wastes classified as 15 01 10 – Packaging containing residues of hazardous substances or contaminated with hazardous substances are dispatched to a licensed recovery facility. 

Under the classification 13 02 08 – "Other engine, transmission, and lubricating oils," our waste oils undergo categorization using the ""Waste Oil Category Determination Analysis,"" facilitating the recovery process.

Lead batteries, categorized as 16 06 01, are collected separately from household waste. They are then delivered to designated collection points established by enterprises or municipalities involved in the distribution and sale of battery products.

Fluorescent lamps and other mercury-containing wastes falling under 20 01 21 are segregated from other wastes in the solid waste landfill. These materials are subsequently dispatched to a licensed recycling facility.

Oils and fats falling under the definition 20 01 26, specifically our vegetable waste oils, are systematically stored in designated drums and dispatched to a licensed recycling facility.

Discarded electrical and electronic equipment containing hazardous components, categorized as 20 01 35, is segregated from other waste in the solid waste landfill. Subsequently, it is directed to a licensed recycling facility.

Energy Policy

We aim to elevate the proportion of renewable energy sources in our energy consumption by investing in innovative and sustainable energy solutions.


Sustainable Management System

At Wyndham Grand İzmir, we prioritize the sustainability of the products and services we provide to our guests, aligning with our slogan ""The Best Hotel in the City"" while maintaining a focus on quality. Today, much like yesterday, we assume the responsibility of preserving every shade of green and blue for future generations. As part of the global ""Wyndham Green"" program, we actively contribute to sustainable living. To this end:

We exclusively utilize 100% organic textile products from Özdilek Home Textile and Qualitasspa Sadem in our rooms and suites. Through our "Eco-Friendly Housekeeping" process, we promote the conservation of water and reduced chemical usage by avoiding unnecessary textile changes.

* We provide complimentary bicycle services to our guests, encouraging environmentally friendly travel options.

* As part of our sociocultural responsibility, we contribute to the development of children through drama workshops. Additionally, we support cultural and social initiatives in the realms of education, health, culture, and the arts through the Özdilek Education, Health, Culture, and Art Foundation.

As part of our environmental responsibility, we actively contribute to a greener world. Through a collaboration with TEMA, we have planted 100 thousand saplings to promote sustainable environmental awareness under the Özdilek Education, Health, Culture, and Art Foundation. Additionally, we are diligently working to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint. In alignment with this commitment, we exclusively employ LED products for all our lighting, enhance energy efficiency through our trigeneration system, and utilize geothermal energy for our heating system.

* Under the fair trade umbrella, we integrate local companies into our product supply network, actively contributing to regional development.

* As part of the ""Zero Waste"" initiative, we are dedicated to minimizing waste, preventing waste generation, and promoting recycling. We responsibly dispose of our waste through licensed companies and collaborate with HAYTAP to provide our food waste to our cherished friends.

* We conduct training sessions for our colleagues to support and advance our sustainability goals. Additionally, we strive to raise awareness and promote sustainability in life, beginning within our immediate environment.

For more information: https://corporate.wyndhamhotels.com/social-responsibility/

Detailed information about the Water Risk Atlas, prepared by the World Resources Institute as part of the Climate Crisis (Drought), can be accessed here.

For the homepage of the website, you can visit https://www.wri.org/.

To access information about wildlife hunting, consumption, trade, and guidelines on avoiding the purchase of illegal products and souvenirs from threatened wildlife species, you can visit https://www.iucn.org/.

Human Resources Policy

Human Rights

Women's Rights

Child Rights

We are committed to not employing child labor, and we provide training on situations that children may encounter within our organization. (HR)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy