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İzmir City Guide   
İzmir City Guide

İzmir City Guide

İzmir is one of the oldest cities of the world a city with history dating back over 8500 years settlement.Thanks to its unique location the city is playing a a very important role in agriculture, trade, culture and art.In order to introduce the beauties of the city to our guests we gave little information about city center and neighborhood where you may see the world famous monuments in a 1-1,5 hour travelling distance.

İZMİR-WEST   ; Çeşme & Ildırı (Erythrai) , Seferihisar, Urla, Karaburun and Mordoğan 
İZMİR-NORTH; Menemen, Foça, Aliağa and Bergama 
İZMİR-EAST    ; Kemalpaşa and Ödemiş 
İZMİR-WEST   ; Torbalı, Ahmetbeyli, Tire, Selçuk (Ephesus), Şirince and Çamlık



First historical traces dates back to 1200 BC. Poet Homer, the author of the Iliad and the Odessa lived in İzmir at 8th century BC. Agamemnon and Menelaus were the two commanders mentioned in Homer's Iliad at "Troy" section. The soldiers healed at the hot springs and the first baths were established at this area. Sovereignty of Turks in the region is dated back the year 1400s. There is an ancient thermal bath from Roman era and water well from Hellen era. Today thermal water is being used by many hotels in this area even distribution of water to households is provided with the system. Balçova is a very popular as one of the city's newest residential areas with its natural beauties and shopping centers. İnciraltı attracts the visitors with its natural beauty. Especially at weekends the area is very popular because of the city marina, city forest, bird paradise and many restaurants & cafes. The area offers many beautiful views for amateur and professional photographers like; sea views along the coast, fishing boats and rowboats.

Shopping Centers / Malls
Izmir Özdilek's largest shopping centers, Agora, Palmiye, Kipa, Asmaçatı and Novada are located in this region.


9 Eylül University School of Medicine and Hospital
This pioneer establishment has 1001 beds capacity and a dynamic team. Detailed information  www.deu.edu.tr


İzmir Levent Marina
Marina offers all services to yacht owners they might need and it is a very popular and vibrant point offering many while providing stylish restaurant, cafe, bar and exclusive night club alternatives.


İnciraltı Naval Museum
İnciraltı Naval Museum hosts two retired ships of Turkish army; 1destroyer and a submarine. The visitors may also see the selected objects describing & witnessed   maritime social, historical and economic development.


İnciraltı City Forest & Bird Paradise
The city forest is established on an area of 2 million sqm. Area and the 622 thousand sqm of this area is afforested by planting 40 thousand trees.
The citizens may benefit this area for sports and recreational purposes. Also this area is home to the rare pink flamingos.


Izmir University of Economics
Izmir University of Economics, which is the first foundation university in Izmir and in Aegean region, was established in 2001 by “Izmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation”The University currently has 8 Faculties, 2 Schools, 2 Vocational Schools, 2 Graduate Schools, and 8 Research Centers. For details of www.ieu.edu.tr


Agora Balçova     Tel :  (0232) 278 10 10                            www.agorasinemalari.com
Cinemaximum Kipa Sineması Tel :  (0232) 278 87 87          www.marssinema.com


Teleferik (Dede) Mountain
The cable car system is closed at the moment and likely remain so for quite a long time. It is settled in 1977 and it was carrying  people to 423 m. up above the sea level.There are restaurants, cafes at the foot of the mountain. There are popular hiking paths at this area.


Konak square is considered as the center of the city .Many important symbol of the national struggle of Turkey are settled here.


The Clock Tower
The clock tower was built in honor of the 25th anniversary of enthronement of Sultan Abdulhamid in 1901 by Sait Paşa. The tower clock was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm II.


Hasan Tahsin Memorial
Hasan Tahsin is a very important person as who is the first person protesting the Greek invasion at 15 May 1919. He is also known the pioneer of National Liberation Struggle.

Konak Pier (Old Customs House)
This historic building has an elaborate facade with architectural details and thought to have belonged to the famous architect Gustave Eiffel School.

Yalı (Konak) Mosque
This 18th century mosque is located in Konak Square and draws attention with its tiles and octagonal plan.


Kemeraltı – Old Bazaar
Kemeraltı which means archway; is the most vibrant bazaar of city. First it was a covered bazaar so it is called as ‘’Kemeraltı’’. It is possible to find all kinds of products in this market so the vibrant and crowded roads are being visited by big crowds every day.

Kemeraltı Mosque
The mosque was built in 1671 by Çavuşzade Yusuf Ahmet Aga and it is one of the most important historical buildings. Worship area is a single dome and cubic. The minaret of the mosque is in the west and there is a madrasa, a library, and a public fountain. The stucco decorations are remarkable.


Salepçioğlu Mosque
This elegant building is one of the most precious mosques of city which is built by Salepçizade Hacı Ahmet Efendi in 1906. The mosque has six sections, a large dome and its exterior walls are made of marble and green stones.


Hacı Hüseyin (Başdurak) Mosque
Mosque was built in 1652 by Haji Hussein Agha is located at Başdurak district. The main section is seated on an octagonal drum which is covered with a large dome. The mihrab is covered with tile panels and the windows are stained-glass.


Ali Pasha Square Fountain
The fountain was built bay Ahmed Pasha (from Ceshme) in the 18th-19th century. Marble fountain has an octagonal structure. Eight columns carrying the dome are interconnected with round arches. The fountain was reapired by Abdulhamid II. in 1894.


Kestane Pazarı Mosque
The mosque was built in 1667 which has a main dome located on a square section and the main dome is surrounded by 4 domes
The extremely beautiful mihrab( altar) is very beautiful. It is said that the altar have been brought from Isa Bey Mosque in Selcuk.


Faik Paşa Mosque
The mosque is located at Altınordu district at the South of Basmane. Faik Pasha built the mosque at 16th century .The mosque has 13 columns and worship space is covered with a wooden roof.


Kurşunlu Mosque
The mosque is located at Namazgâh Square and it is known as one of the oldest mosques in Izmir. It is believed to have been built by Yavuz Sultan Selim.


İki Çeşmelik Mosque
Mosque is located in Ikicesmelik district. The main venue of the mosque which is covered with a dome dates back to 1893.It is settled on two feet and four columns. The dome is decorated with pen work. There is a small courtyard east.


Fountain Mosque
The name of the mosque is coming from the fountains located beside and below. It was built in 1636. The mosque has one minaret at east side and there is a library at the west side. The mihrab, minbar, and the preaching place are made of marble.


Havra Sokağı (Synagogue Street)
For centuries, the houses of  worship of the Jewish people living in Izmir are located at Kemeraltı Synagogue Street .
The historical heart of Izmir's Jewish life was in the synagogues of "La Judiera," the area of the bazaar where the synagogues are located and where some Jewish merchants still work. La Judiera is near the intersection of Gazi Osman Pasa Bulvari and Anafartalar Caddesi, a short walk from the intersection of Fevzipasa Bulvari and Gaziosmanpasa Bulvari, known as Çankaya. The best time to visit the synagogues here is on Saturday morning, when all are open for worship (two of the three are closed during the week).


Getting There

From Çankaya, walk south on Gaziosmanpasa Bulvari/Esrefpasa Caddesi to Anafartalar Caddesi and turn right (west; the turn is just past the Kiraz Is Hani at no. 88). Follow Anafartalar Caddesi 50 meters into the bazaar, bearing left at the first "Y", then turning left on the second little street on the left, which is 927 Sokak.Though officially named 927 Sokak, this used to be known as Havra Sokak, the "Street of Synagogues," because of its nine small, active synagogues which served the Jewish merchants and artisans who worked close by. Today three of these historic synagogues are still in use.
First along Havra Sokak is the Seniyora Synagogue, at 927 Sokak no. 77. It may take its name from Doña Gracia Nasi, Duke Joseph Nasi's mother-in-law and aunt, who was known as La Señora, and who endowed many synagogues in the Ottoman lands.
The Seniyora is the most active of the remaining synagogues on Havra Sokak, open every morning. It's a simple but pleasant and interesting building, almost two centuries old, with obvious historic value.The building to the left of the Seniyora's doorway (as you face it) was once a synagogue, but the space is now occupied by a wholesale poultry business.Next along Havra Sokak is the Kadosh Mizrahi Synagogue, 927 Sokak no. 73, open only on Saturday morning.
A short distance farther along is the Shalom (Aydin) Synagogue, 927 Sokak no. 38-C, reached through a short passageway used as storage for a shoe shop. Because of this use, the synagogue's steel outer door is often open during shopping hours, allowing visitors at least to take a look through the synagogue's glass doors, even if the synagogue is locked. The Shalom, like the Kadosh Mizrahi, is normally open only on Saturday morning.


Agora was the area where political meetings take place and & shopping is being made. İzmir agora is a heritage from Roman period and it is famous of being the biggest Agora of ancient decades.  It has a rectangular shape (120 x 180 m) and there are columns and arches around a courtyard. Agora has a composite structure and it was built on three floors and there is a staircase in front.
Agora Open Air Museum Ikicesmelik Street Tel: (0232) 483 46 96


Dönertaş Fountain
This fountain is a heritage from 19th century and it is the most beautiful and well-preserved fountain .This fountain has a marble-clad facade, floral motifs, landscapes and lines are decorated with embellishments. It is located at the intersection point of Anafartalar Street and 945th streets.


Kızlarağası Han
This Ottoman Empire heritage was built by Haji Bashir Agha In 1744.here you may breathe & enjoy a historic touristic atmosphere and may buy mystical air handcrafts, souvenirs, carpets, leather goods, rugs, silver jewelry, clothing and many different materials. When you give a break for shopping you may taste delicious Turkish tea or drink Turkish coffee at small coffee shops and learn something about your destiny from the fortune tellers.


Hisar Mosque
Hisar Mosque is located immediately adjacent to Kızlarağası .It was built by Yakup Bey in 1597. The mosque is built of cut stone has the most beautiful examples of Ottoman decorative arts. The column headings and other decorations are very beautiful. Itis the largest mosque in Izmir and on Friday the citizens and also the shopkeepers meet there for praying. This area is one the most colorful place of city.


Kadifekale (meaning “the velvet castle" in Turkish)
Kadifakale is the name of the hill located within the urban zone of İzmir as well as being the name of the ancient castle on top of the same hill. Both the hill and the castle were named Pagos. The summit where the castle is found is located at a distance of about 2 km from the shoreline and commands a general view of a large part of the city of İzmir as well as of the Gulf of Izmir. In 2007, the metropolitan municipality of Izmir started renovation and restoration.


Mimar Kemalettin Street
Street’s name is coming from architect Kemalettin one of the founders of the Society of Engineers and Architects in Ottoman period. The street can be defined as an open-air museum from 1922 to the present day .The district is very popular and recognized as a fashion center, especially wedding gowns & suites.


İzmir Archeology Museum
It is an archeology museum, containing a number of artifacts from around the Gulf İzmir. Most of the artifacts, which include busts, statues, statuettes, tools, and various eating and cooking utensils are the heritages from Bronze Age, Greek and roman periods. The museum was established in 1924.The Izmir Archeology Museum contains a splendid collection of artifacts of the Aegean. The museum is one of the first built in Western Anatolia. The museum's collection is so rich and important that it has been categorized as a regional museum rather than a local one. The Izmir Archeology Museum is located at Konak.

Halit Rıfat Paşa Caddesi 4. Konak Tel:  (0232) 489 07 96 
Except Monday ; winter 08.30-12.30 / 13.30-17.30, summer 08.30-17.30


İzmir Ethnography Museum
The museum is containing a number of pieces of clothing and pottery from the Seljuk period of Turkish history onwards. Admission to the museum is free. The building that now houses the İzmir Ethnography Museum was originally built in 1831 to function as the St. Roche Hospital. The building is four stories high and is made of stone. The museum contain a beautiful collection of colorful displays, including dioramas, photos and information panels. These artifacts demonstrate the local arts, crafts and customs. Various sections in the museum portray subjects as wide-ranging and intriguing as camel wrestling, pottery, tin-plating and felt-making, embroidery. There are also various displays of weaponry, jewelry and a rich collection of illustrated manuscripts

Halit Rıfat Paşa Caddesi, 3. Konak 
Tel :  (0232) 489 07 96 / except Monday  08.30-12.30/13.30-17.30


Children's Museum
The museum, where the award winning works were exhibited at the World Children's Art Competition, which has been organized internationally for 23 years, was opened on May 15, 2004 in cooperation with ceramic and tile artist Ümran Baradan and Konak Municipality. Ümran Baradan, who is also the President of the World Women's Solidarity Association (IWSA), has been organizing competitions for children internationally for 23 years. The works placed in the competitions in the museum are exhibited. The museum also has an authentic Turkish family room. Development in education, tools and materials are described comparatively.

Variant-Konak, İzmir.

Tel: (0.232) 08.30-12.30 / 13.30-17.30 every day / winter except Monday; open between 08:30 and 17:30 in summer


National Library and Elhamra Cinema- Izmir State Opera and Ballet Elhamra Stage
National Library of Turkey's first name, which in 1926 began construction of the Elhamra Theater in 1922 completed and commissioned services, the library building was completed in 1933. Today, the Izmir State Opera and Ballet is used as the Elhamra Stage.
Milli Kütüphane Cad. No: 37-39 Konak, Izmir. Tel: (0232) 489 36 38


Izmir State Theater
Izmir State Theater was established on April 14, 1957 in the Public Education Center building in Konak. The building, whose architect was Necmettin Emre, started in 1925.
İzmir State Theater, Konak. Tel: (0232) 445 89 41 - 483 50 35


Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center
The building belonging to Ege University is an important facility where scientific and artistic activities of the Aegean and İzmir regions are held. In the center, there are meeting and exhibition halls, theater hall, seminar halls, art gallery and foyers.
Ege University Atatürk Culture Center, Konak Tel: (0232) 489 04 59


Dokuz Eylul University Sabanci Culture Center
The 5-storey building, located on an area of 3500 square meters in Konak, hosts cultural and artistic events such as concerts, theaters and exhibitions.
Sabancı Culture Palace Konak, Izmir   Tel: (0232) 441 90 09


Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center
Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center is a  gift of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the city The name comes from the first artist with the title of state artist, famous composer Ahmed Adnan Saygun.  This center is known as the most qualified art center & concert hall in Turkey.
Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, Mithatpaşa Cad. No 1087   Tel: (232) 293 38 31 - 32 Güzelyalı, İzmir


Historical Elevator
The historical elevator built by Nesim Levi in 1907 which is 51 meters high. It serves between Mithatpaşa Street and Halil Rıfat Paşa district and the historical elevator is an important tourist stop of the city. The old houses on either side of Dario Moreno Street at the entrance of the elevator add a distinctive feature to the region. The café and restaurant on the upper terrace offer visitors a unique bay view.
Tel: (0232) 261 26 46 - 261 26 62


Beth Israel Synagogue
Sultan II in İzmir's Karataş District. It was built in 1905 with the edict of Abdulhamit and it is the biggest synagogue of İzmir.
Tel: (0232) 425 16 28 Karataş, İzmir


The Roşaar Synagogue
It was built at the end of the 18th century.
281 Sokak No: 67 Karataş, İzmir


Catholic Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes
Located on the 81st street in Göztepe District, the church still maintains its structural features, and even the street on which it is located is still known as "Church Street".
81 Sok. No: 10 Göztepe, İzmir
Tel: (0232) 247 98 82


Göztepe Bridge
It is a well-known famous district within the borders of Konak district. There is also a small ferry port in the neighborhood. The yellow-red post-modern overpass in the Göztepe district on the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard bears the colors of the Göztepe Sports Club. Yellow-red colors of Göztepe can be seen in many parts of the district. There are many nice restaurants and cafes around the bridge.


What to do
Feed the pigeons at Konak square.
Take photos in front of the historical clock tower.
Buy souvenirs from Kızlarağası Inn and have a fortune with Turkish coffee cooked in the sand.
After trying the small restaurants in Hisaronu, get the famous pudding coffee.
Enjoy the city view from the historical elevator, take a souvenir photo





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