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Our Quality & Environment Policies  
Our Quality & Environment Policies

Our Quality & Environment Policies

Our Quality Policy

Defining quality correctly:

  • Quality is a lifestyle.
  • It is our duty.
  • It is our responsibility to our guests.

Giving importance to human and human development.

Doing every job right the first time.

Producing in accordance with standards.

Establishing service standards on guest satisfaction by interiorizing the idea ''We exist as long as we have guests''.

Interiorizing the necessity of quality communication

Improving continuously.

Being aware of the fact that each task is ‘’a contribution to the development of Turkey ‘’ and "provide added value to the world" .

Being aware of our risks and finding solutions to them.

Our Guest Satisfaction Policy

Make sure our guests are satisfied

Ensuring all employees to be solution-based.

Ensuring all complaints, demands and likes are being recorded and followed up.

Being objective and guest oriented.

Offering service based on legal conditions.

Being the fastest company in replying guest complaints and complaint resolution

Providing continuous improvement in product and service quality.

Food Safety Quality Policy

Providing safe and quality products to our guests.

Producing in accordance with the laws and hygiene rules.

Ensuring guest satisfaction by controlling all our processes.

Improving continuously.

Ensuring food safety with control discipline.

Environmental Policy and Action Plan

Environment plays an important role in the life of all living things.Population growth, urbanization, industrialization are major factors contributing pollution increase.Environmental issues, especially since the second half of the last century has been one of the most important issues occupying the world agenda.Certainly this does not mean that was not a problem before. Due to Population growth, the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization the amount and species of waste released into the environment has increased.Pollution can be seen in the following forms; air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution.

Our Mission

Environmental protection is the responsibility of all individuals and all organizations forming the society. As “Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek” we aim to achieve a perfect environmental performance by controlling the effects of our activities and services to environment in accordance to our environmental policy and our objectives. 

This issue is being evaluated under different subtitles:  waste management, legal requirements and developing projects about providing environmental benefits & natural resources use. 
Waste management practices; 

1. Collection of packaging waste (paper, metal, glass, plastic) separately , providing temporary storage and carrying out the recycling process by licensed companies

2-The separation of the hazardous waste and packaging waste at the source, temporary storage and being delivered to the licensed companies by keeping records for disposal safely. Uncontrolled collection of hazardous waste causes air, water and soil pollution.

Our Environmental Policy

"Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek" hotel has an environmental management system covering all departments. In this system at each departmentthere is an ‘assigned environmental responsible ‘who works with environmental consulting company (licensed from Ministry of Environment and Urbanization) due to legislation the internal audit reports are demanded to be made once a year but we prepare these audits each month. The internal audit reports are evaluated each    month in environmental coordination meetings by management. In case necessity the system update or   deficiency correction will be done  quickly. In these meetings the possible changes in the legislations are being identified and the necessary precautions are being taken before the change occurs.

At Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek "Hotel, wastes resultant each step of the operation are being classified and recycle & disposal are being done according to the legislation. Training is given to employees of each department and as a result the waste management process is being carried out with zero error. The economy of waste management has been learned in this process in a very good way. We reached a significant knowledge level of the waste logistics. Not only hotel also the hotel suppliers also obey/manage the environmental management system according to the legislation. All the companies we work in the field of waste management can work with us after receiving the permit required by legislation.

Hazardous wastes (referred to in article 5) are being collected in waste storage area according to the legislation and being disposed in a timely manner.

Environment and Energy Efficiency

Our practices regarding energy efficiency are as follows;New technologies in lighting is monitored regularly; LED lighting is being used in our hotel and we maintain 60% saving. While we construct we also make the heat insulation of the walls, ceilings and floors to minimize heat loss. We prefer the air condition systems offering high COP performance.We use the latest technology, water-cooled chiller and heat pumps. Building automation is very important in terms of energy saving. Our hotel is being controlled by an automated system.Thermal hot water is preferred in heating and hot water supply because it is renewable and environmentally friendly. We also use heat recovery systems for energy saving.Flue gas emission tests are being made regularly no avoid weather pollution. 

As a result, we can fulfill all these issues carefully, because; 2165 kWh Electricity = 5,370 kWh Natural Gas = 1 ton of carbon emission = 3 Tree Starting from the equation; we do know that savings is equivalent to environmental protection.

Wastes and Disposal Methods

Hazardous Waste

The wastes (code-15.01 10), contaminated packing containing residues of hazardous substances or containing hazardous substances   are being sent to the licensed recycling plants. Waste oil (code -13 02 ) codes are classified depending on the type of oils; waste engine oil, transmission oil and lubricating base oil.The waste oil is being sent to the recycle plant or waste-disposal plant according to the results of ‘Waste Oil Category Determination Analysis'."Lead Batteries" (waste code 16 .06 01) are being collected separately from household waste, and being delivered to the collection points created by municipalities or firms making distribution & sales of battery products."Fluorescent lamps and other mercury-containing waste (20 01 21-waste code) are being collected separately and stored separately at waste storage area and being disposed  by a licensed disposal company.

"Waste Vegetable Oils"(20 01 26 -waste code) are being regularly collected in special containers and being delivered to the licensed company for disposal.
Packaging Wastes and Others

All packaging material (paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, composites, glass, textiles, mixed packaging and waste cartridges) are being collected separately to reduce the environmental pollution, to be able to benefit the landfills and to maintain contribution to the economy. Collected packaging wastes are being given or delivered to the licensed// temporary certificated collection & sorting plants or in case of demand given to the collection &sorting complex belonging to the municipality.

As a result, I can say that; today the environment is also a source, can become contaminated over time and the natural resources may run out and now we know that there is a cost of the operation. Actual negativity of industrialization on the environment is directly pollution. As "Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek” we are in an effort to fulfill our responsibilities to protect the environment carefully.

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