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İnciraltı Naval Museum
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İnciraltı Naval Museum

Do not leave İzmir without visiting İnciraltı Naval Museum, which has been created to introduce and popularize maritime.You will take a pleasurable journey towards the past of Turkish maritime on these voyages of the Turkish Navy.

Days and Hours Opened by the Museum
New Year's Day, the first day of religious festivals and Mondays are closed; you can visit our museum between 09: 00-17: 00 on weekdays and 09: 00-17: 00 on weekends.

Museum Entrance Fees
Adult Admission  Fee
: 7,5 TL
Student Admission Fee: FREE

The museum sightseeing tour takes about 45 minutes. The tours are organized in groups and with guides.

Phone number. 0232 278 52 34


The Inciraltı Naval Museum answers many unknown questions about marine life. In addition museum gives information about the difficulties of life at sea, and offers a long journey towards the past of Turkish maritime.

While touring the İnciraltı Maritime Museum, you find answers to questions about maritime, witness the hardships faced at sea and take a journey into the history of Turkish maritime.

İzmir, which is an outdoor museum with its thousands of years of history, houses many different museums. The İnciraltı Maritime Museum, which was built to advertise and widespread maritime, is one of these museums. Ships that have served in the Turkish Marines are being displayed in this museum. First of all, TCG Ege and TCG Piri Reis Submarine began to be displayed in the museum after a protocol signed by the Southern Coast Commandership and the Metropolitan Municipality of İzmir on July 1, 2007. After a while, the museum was enriched after it became popular with locals and tourists and an AB 212 helicopter was added to the roster. Finally, TCG Kasırga, an assault powerboat, began to be displayed at the museum.

The first museum ships of the Aegean Region

These ships, which are the first museum ships in the Aegean Region, were visited by 700 thousand people since the opening of the museum. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and is headed by tour guides.

What affect the guests most during the tour, which includes video introductions about the navy and its responsibilities and military schools, are the hard living conditions aboard these ships. Guests learn how the ships and submarines are commandeered, what kind of duties the staff has and interesting facts, such as the hot bed application on submarines.

The tour also includes information about Turkish marine traditions. While touring Ege, Piri Reis and Kasırga, you find answers to questions about maritime, witness the hardships faced at sea and take a journey into the history of Turkish maritime.


TCG Ege Frigate
The frigate, which was built in Avondale, USA on March 31, 1973, served in the US Marines for 24 years and then became a member of the Turkish fleet on July 28, 1994 during a ceremony in Gölcük. The frigate, which served in the marines for 11 years, retired on March 25, 2005. Even though the ship was designed for submarine warfare defense, it has weapons and sensors for above water warfare defense, land bombing, police station, search and rescue and discovery purposes.

The swashbuckler figure on the emblem of Ege symbolizes bravery, courage and honesty while the dove figure represents peace and the dragon represents power.

TCG Ege was commandeered by 21 officers, 155 petty officers and 110 privates- a total of 286 personnel- while it was on active duty. The ship weighs 4200 tons; it is 134 meters long and 14, 3 meters wide. The main engine of TCG EGE has a 35 thousand horsepower and its maximum speed is 50 kilometers per hour.

During renovations, some parts of the ship were designed as exhibition spaces while other parts remain original.


100 things you didn’t know about maritime

While learning about the important ships in Turkish maritime at the exhibition hall called Our ships from the Ottoman Period, you get to find out many things you didn’t know about maritime in the exhibition called 100 things you didn’t know about maritime such as that every Turkish ship had a Quran, every command began with the name of God, where the Turkish names of winds came from, why beans were served every Monday, why the ships had the prefix TCG and why uniforms had 8 buttons.

At the Ertuğrul Frigate Hall inside TCG Ege, you will witness how the frigate sank in the Pacific Ocean while returning from Japan in 1889. At the 18 Mart Çanakkale Victory Hall, you will see objects and weapons brought from the Çanakkale Maritime Museum and discover the details of the biggest sea war of our history.


TCG Piri Reis Submarine

TCG Piri Reis was built in Portsmouth, USA during 1949 and 1951 as the first fast attack submarine. The submarine, which began its duties in the US Navy with the name “USS Tang” on June 19, 1951, served for 29 years and was added to the Turkish fleet on February 8, 1980 and renamed TCG Piri Reis. The submarine, which served for 24 years, retired on August 9, 2004 and now serves as a museum ship.



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